Opera Hotel System; What is the best way to integrate?

All views expressed in this post are from our personal experiences working with the product. They are intended to help, support, and encourage potential product vendors in showing the right direction. We don't represent or have any affiliation with Oracle Hospitality in any form.

Probably you have searched in Google :-) Yes, that's what we all do. But be warned that there is SaaS type of third-party integration service providers, and other unofficial integration providers advertise to integrate your products with Opera PMS in the search results. The issue here is, not them doing the integration or Oracle doing it; But you need to understand the scope, validity, and the marketability of your products while keeping in mind the utmost importance of hotel guest data security. Most importantly, it is expected that many hotels would start moving their on-prem PMS to cloud versions to bring down their maintenance costs, especially after the pandemic. If a hotel moves their PMS from on-prem to cloud, all third party run integration products will stop working. Also some talk about universal API; let's face it, there is no such a thing as 'one size fits all' in hotel PMS integration, even though HTNG claims to provide a common integration protocol.

Integration Scope:

Opera PMS, by its design, when you install the PMS, there is no API until you add an add-on license in the main module. Then there are a few other things to configure in the main module, finally set up a separate API server (OEDS) connected to the PMS database (API server set up provided with PMS install); this server becomes the end-point. In Cloud instances, more or less the concept is similar, but needless to say, you don't have any control over API server like in the case of on-prem. You connect to the API service with OPERA Cloud Authentication details, provided by Oracle.

OK, that was for 1-way integration with a generic add-on license, such as a booking engine of the hotel website, where you create a booking, then later if you need to change something in it, you call the same reservation and do whatever - you initiated the call here. What if your solution requires a 2-way data transfer? For instance, your system needs notification changes to a guest booking whenever a hotel staff makes to keep in sync with the PMS. This functionality is controlled through configuring 'BusinessEvents' in the main module of Opera PMS; as of this writing, a Validated Integration Partner license code is a must to enable this feature.

Both the instances discussed above; you need to add licenses.

Integration Validity & Marketability of Your Product:

A simple, and always an interconnected issue. Hotels, especially big brands, trust or even accept your solution if you're a certified vendor of their PMS, and some of them have made it part of their standard.

So your best bet would sadly be a bit more expensive route compared to other hollow options discussed earlier. But at the same time, it is the most desirable option considering the long run; Go through Oracle's Validated Integration program.

The right way of integrating:

You need to get in touch with ORACLE to initiate your integration project, is the best way or the only way to move forward.

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