PMS integration & API Interface.

We will take care of your integration while your developers focus on product development.

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PMS Integration Consultancy & Tech Support

Our PMS integration experts will setup the environment for development and work as part of your team by making themselves available daily on Slack & MS Teams regardless of your time zone - because we know that your team needs us around for quick chats & voice calls from time to time during the development.

Web Self-service API Integrations?

We have one of the highly experienced PMS integration team, who will work with your team to make sure your kiosk integrations are completed in a record time.

Self-service at hotels is not only a tool that breaks the chain of the COVID-19 transmission, but it's an experience your guests will continue to demand.

About Us

When we say, We love what we do , it says all about us. We've been helping businesses with various PMS integration projects & software development for the hotels since 2015.

We don't represent a PMS vendor in any form, but our consultants have worked directly with some of the leading PMS vendors, so we have the right skills & the expertise to advise, lead & assist you in any sort of PMS integration project.

We also act as a helpful community in providing necessary guidance, tips & references on PMS integration topics. At the same time, we're also a service provider; you could hire our consultants to support you throughout a project on a paid basis, or we can take care of your integration project in its entirety.

One of our popular areas is, assisting customers with leading PMS vendor integration certifications. Here, we as hired consultants, work with your team to simplify the whole process. And the other is BPO projects.

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Our Clients

Since the last 5 years of the journey, we have helped many clients with their integration needs such as mobile apps, booking engines, kiosks, hotel websites, AI (Artificial Integration) solutions, POS solutions, and other guest experiences solutions. We have also integrated or assisted in SaaS-based channel managers & central reservation systems (CRS)

PMS Integration Consulting and API

Our consultants can advise, guide, and develop your integration. In addition, we can also develop your app or web application that is going to integrate with PMS. And we have been helping startups & well-established companies achieve just that.

24x7 Service

We work as per the customer time zone, and around the clock. We make sure our customers see no difference in working with us to reach the targets within the time-frame.

Customer Success

We understand that a customer's success can't be defined by signing off a project alone; we rather respect smart managing the projects, and we are supporting the project for 3 months after sign off.

Our app
Your business

We help customers with their hotel apps in design and development. We have now come up with our own app, BookingEx that can be fully customized to work hand in hand with any major hotel PMS providers.

Currently BookingEx is working as an add-on to any PMS providing the in-house mobility and UX that is better put to achieve that next level of guest experience.

Can it integrate with Oracle OPERA PMS? Yes, it can.

Skilled Professionals

Our team of experts with decades of experience in technology, hotel operation and PR have put together a collective efforts to ensure our app addresses a need, that is to achieving highest guest experience .

Adding Innovation

If we are to look for a non-existing level of guest satisfaction, we need achieve it with a tool that is innovative and smart enough to be the focus point in guest service. Perhaps, BookingEx is just the right tool.

Hotel PMS Integration

Hotel PMS api

We help businesses integrate their products with leading Property Management Systems (Hotel PMS). Be the guests experience mobile apps, booking engines, CRM, venue management systems, or revenue management systems, our consultants can help you integrate with any leading PMS systems.

Application Development

Hotel PMS integration

Our focus in this area is hospitality-centric products. The technology we use is JS-based and C#. For more information, please write to us with project detail, and we will respond or schedule a call.

Go Contact-less

Integrate your kiosk and contactless app with hotel systems. Even if you're a new comer and trying to break up the industry driven by the 'new normal' the hotels will have to deal post pandemic, we're here to help you with flow, design, development and integration with PMS

POS Integration

Hotel Booking Experience

Point of Sales integration using TS API. Open or pickup an open-check, read menu items, and close to PMS guest room. Give us a call or write to us for more details.

Other PMS Tasks

Hotel PMS services

Data extractions, Back office offline integrations, Oracle Reports writing, L2 integration troubleshooting, PMS lab setup, Integration lab setup, CRM integration troubleshooting, Oracle 11g/12c DBA tasks.

pms integration

is all about Guest Experience

A collective industry experience of decades means thinking nothing less than adding some innovation to next level of guest experience.

PMS Integration. With a minimal configuration, any hotel can integrate with the app. Integration with POS is under development.

Power User configurable setup for features that are unavailable or the PMS does not provide a mechanism for integrating a particular feature.

Cloud connectivity for analytics and insights.

User experience that would impact your guests' experience, but positively.

Implementation is almost painless.

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PMS Integration